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COM 275

Comm 275 Mass Communication and Culture Mass Communication and Culture  `Two major perspectives: o Social scientific o Culturalist Culturalist Perspective:  Focused on construction of meaning from texts  Texts includes all cultural artifacts  Focus on: o Producer practices such as news gathering, data keeping. o Media content and meaning within content o How producers influence content o Audience reaction to media content  Cultural Theorists: Deal with the humanities o Deal with important concerns such as-  Notion of a mass culture (What is mass culture?)  Tied to critical theory- some hidden influence within mass media (not necessarily good)  Questions of gender and subculture  The role of new technology today  Political-economic issues  Political-economic issues: o Deals with set of issues that are perceived problematic such as:  Commodification  Commercialization- Selling ideas and values  Hegemony- Power of the media to subtly and covertly promote a particular ideology among the masses  Typically promotes and ideology that supports the status quo Gender and Culture  Gender subordination Mass Culture  Mass Culture has been accused of being: o Uniform o One-dimensional o Escapist Technology and Culture  Media Logic  Cultivation- potential of television to shape norms and values by exaggerating certain norms of life (i.e Jersey Shore)  Global culture- Postmodern Culture: o Focus on the globalization of culture o International mass media to promote one global culture that is widely recognized and accepted Normative Theories of Media and Society  Normative Theory: o Value judgments concernin
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