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Criminal Justice
CJ 110

Chapter 1: What is Criminal Justice? • Crime:Aconduct in violation of the criminal laws of a state, the federal government, or a local jurisdiction, for which there is no legally accepted justification or excuse • Broad definition of Criminal Justice: The aspects of social justice that concern violations of the criminal law • Strict definition of Criminal Justice: the criminal law, the law of criminal procedure, and the array of procedures and activities having to do with the enforcement of this body of law • Criminal Justice: the study of those aspects of social justice which concern violations of the criminal law • Criminology: The scientific study of crime causation, prevention, and the rehabilitation and punishment of offenders • Criminalistics: The application of scientific techniques to the detection and evaluation of criminal evidence • Individual rights advocate: Someone who wants to make sure an individuals right is insured • Public order advocate: Sometimes individuals rights are not insured in order to protect the safety of others • Current events can change which is more important • Justice: principle of fairness, and ideal of moral equity • Civil Justice: fairness in relationships between citizens, government agencies, and business in private matters • Criminal Justice: concerns for violations of the criminal law • Crime: conduct in violation of the criminal laws of a legal jurisdiction • Social control: the use of sanctions and rewards available through a group to influence and shape the behavior of individual members of the group • The consensus model: assumes cooperation between all components of the system towards a common goal • The conflict model: all components of the criminal justice system are self-serving and compete for limited resources • Booking: identifying the person who got arrested • Criminal Justice process: ◦ Investigation andArrest ◦ Booking ◦ FirstAppearance ◦ Preliminary Hearing ◦ Information or indictment ▪ Grand Jury ◦ Arraignment ◦ Trial ◦ Sentencing ▪ Consecutive ▪ Concurrent ◦ Corrections ▪ Probation and Parole • Warrant: in criminal proceedings, a writ issued by a judicial officer directing a law enforcement officer to perform a specified act and affording him/her protection from damage if he/she performs it. • Arrest: the taking of a
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