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Chapter 2

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Criminal Justice
CJ 110

Chapter 2 • UCR/NIBRS*** look it up • Sources of Data: ◦ Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) ▪ Produces annual overview of major crimes in the US ▪ Congress created this in the 1930 ▪ Attempt to get an accurate accounting of crime in the US ◦ National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) ▪ Discovers how much crime goes unreported ◦ Offender Self-Reports ▪ Difficult to obtain accuracy • The Name Game: ◦ Index crimes are also called Part 1 Offenses • UCR: Crime Index ◦ The index is made up of Part 1 Offenses ▪ Violent crime ▪ Property crime ◦ Violent crimes: ▪ Murder ▪ Robbery ▪ Forcible rape ▪ Aggravated assault ◦ Property Crimes: ▪ Burglary ▪ Motor vehicle theft ▪ Larceny-theft ▪ Arson ◦ Crime Index: ▪ Crime index= crimes/ 100,000 population ◦ Clearance Rate: a measure that compares the number of crimes reported or discovered to the number of crimes solved through arrest or other means • NIBRS: National Incident-Based Reporting System ◦ Represents a significant redesign of the original UCR program ◦ UCR is “summary based” and NIBRS is incident driven-more detailed • The National Crime Victimization Survey ◦ An annual survey of selected households ◦ Comparison data between UCR and NCVS • NCVS: ◦ Began operation in 1972 ◦ Based on victim self-reports ◦ Designed to measure the “dark figure” of crime; crime that doesn't ge
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