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Chapter 4

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Criminal Justice
CJ 110

Chapter 4 • American Policing: The purpose of policing in democratic societies: ◦ Preventing and investigating crimes ◦ Apprehending offenders ◦ Protecting and aiding the public ◦ Ensuring domestic peace and tranquility ◦ Enforcing and supporting the laws • The Levels of Jurisdictions: ◦ Federal ◦ State ◦ Local • Department of Treasury ◦ Internal Revenue Service- Criminal investigation division ◦ Treasury Inspector General for Tax Enforcement • Department of Justice ◦ DEA ◦ Bureau ofAlcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives ◦ Bureau of Prisons (BOP) ◦ FBI ◦ U.S. Marshals Service • Department of Interior ◦ Fish and Wildlife Service ◦ National Park Service ◦ U.S. Park Police ◦ Bureau of Indian Affairs ◦ Bureau of Land Management • Department of Defense ◦ Air Force Office of Special Investigations ◦ Army Criminal Investigations • Postal Service: Postal Inspections Service • Washington D.C.: Metropolitan Police Department • FBI ◦ 1924: J.Edgar Hoover is appointed Director ◦ 1924: Identification Division is created to collect fingerprint files ◦ 1930: FBI begins collecting crime data for Uniform Crime Report Publication ◦ 1932: Crime Laboratory is established • FBI Priorities-2003 ◦ Protecting the US from terrorist attack ◦ Protecting the US against foreign intelligence operations and espionage ◦ Protecting the US against cyber-based attacks and high-technology crimes ◦ Combating public corruption at all levels ◦ Protecting civil rights ◦ Combating transnational and national criminal organizations and enterprises ◦ Combating major white-collar crime ◦ Combating violent crimes that have wide impact ◦ Supporting federal, state, local, and international partners ◦ Upgrading technology to perform the FBI's mission successfully • State and Local Law Enforcement ◦ 1835: Texas Rangers ▪ Believed to be the first state police force ▪ Border patrol responsibilities ▪ Apprehended Mexican cattle rustlers ◦ Two Models: ▪ Centralized Model: one big level of authority that is giving directions ▪ Decentralized Model: groups of equal authority • LocalAgencies-Municipal: ◦ Approx. 13,580 different departments ◦ Approx. 420,000 sworn police officers ◦ Approx. 100,000 Civilian Employees ◦ ***Largest New York, which is approx. 37,000 Police officers
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