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Chapter 2

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Criminal Justice
CJ 110

Chapter 2 Textbook Notes • Crime Statistics come from two major sources: ◦ UCR/NIBRS (1988) ◦ NCVS • The sourcebook of criminal justice statistics is an annual compilation of national information on crime and on the CJ system (Produced by BJS) • The Crime index has seven major crimes ◦ Murder ◦ Forcible rape ◦ Robbery ◦ Aggravated assault ◦ Burglary ◦ Larceny-theft ◦ Motor vehicle theft ◦ Arson (added in 1979) ◦ These were discontinued for a new list in 2004 • UCR is summary based and NIBRS is incident driven. • UCR: ◦ Monthly aggregate crime counts ◦ Records one offense per incident, as determined by the hierarchy rule, which suppresses counts of lesser offenses in multiple offense incidents. ◦ Does not distinguish between attempted and completed crimes ◦ Records rape of females only ◦ Collects assault information in five categories ◦ Collects weapon information for murder, robbery, and aggravated assault ◦ Provides counts on arrests for eight major crimes and 21 other offenses • NIBRS ◦ Consists of individual records for the eight major crimes and 38 other offenses ◦ Records each offense occurring in an incident ◦ Distinguishes between attempted and completed crimes ◦ Records rape of males and females ◦ Restructures definition of assault ◦ Collects weapon information for all v
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