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Chapter 10

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Criminal Justice
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CJ 110

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Chapter 10 Vocab (book) • Community Corrections: The use of a variety of officially ordered program based sanctions that permit convicted offenders to remain in the community under conditional supervision as an alternative to an active prison sentence. • Probation:Asentence of imprisonment that is suspended.Also, the conditional freedom granted by a judicial officer to a convicted offender, as long as the person meets certain conditions of behavior. • Probation Revocation:Acourt order taking away a convicted offenders probationary status and usually withdrawing the conditional freedom associated with that status in response to a violation of the conditions of probation. • Parole: The status of a convicted offender who has been conditionally released from prison by a paroling authority before the expiration of his or her sentence, is placed under the supervision of a parole agency, and is required to observe the conditions of parole. • Prisoner Reentry: The managed return to the community of individuals released from prison. • Parole Board:Astate paroling authority. Most states have parole boards that decide when an incarcerated offender is ready for conditional release. Some boards also function as revocation hearing panels. • Discretionary Release: The release of an inmate from prison to supervision that is decided by a parole board or other authority. • Mandatory Release: The release of an inmate from prison that is determined by statute or sentencing guidelines and is not decided by a parole board or other authority. • Parole Violation:An act or a failure to act by a parolee that does not conform to the conditions of his or her parole. • Conditions of Parole: The general and special limits imposed on an offender who is released on parole. General conditions tend to be fixed by state statute, whereas special conditions are mandated by the sentencing authority and take into consideration the background of the offender and the circumstances of the offense. • Parole Revocation: The administrative action of a paroling authority removing a person from parole status in response to a violation of lawfully required conditions of parole, including the prohibition agains committing a new offense, and usually resulting in a return to prison. • Restitution: A court requirement that an alleged or convicted offender pay money or provide services to the victim of the crime or provide services to the community. • Revocation Hearing:Ahearing held before a legally constituted hearing body to determine whether a
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