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Chapter 11

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Criminal Justice
CJ 110

Chapter 11 Vocab (book) • Prison:Astate or federal confinement facility that has custodial authority over adults sentenced to confinement • Justice Model:Acontemporary model of imprisonment based on the principle of just desert. • Prison Capacity: The size of the correctional population an institution can effectively hold. There are three types of prison capacity: rated, operational, and design • Rated Capacity: The number of inmates a prison can handle according to the judgement of experts • Operational Capacity: The number of inmates a prison can effectively accommodate based on management considerations • Design Capacity: The number of inmates a prison was intended to hold when it was built or modified. • Classification System:Asystem used by prison administration to assign inmates to custody levels based on offense history, assessed dangerousness, perceived risk of escape, and other factors. • ADMAX:An acronym for administrative maximum. This term is used by the
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