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Chapter 12

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Criminal Justice
CJ 110

Chapter 12 vocab (book) • Total Institution:An enclosed facility separated from society both socially and physically, where there inhabitants share all aspects of their daily lives. • Prison Subculture: The values and behavioral patterns characteristic of prison inmates. Prison subculture has been found to be surprisingly consistent across the country. • Prisonization: The process whereby newly institutionalized offenders come to accept prison lifestyles and criminal values.Although many inmates begin their prison experience with only a few values that support criminal behavior, the socialization experience they undergo while incarcerated leads to a much wider acceptance of such values. • PrisonArgot: The slang that is characteristic of prison subculture and prison life. • Security Threat Group:An inmate group, gang, or organization whose members act together to pose a threat to the safety of corrections staff or the public, who prey on other inmates, or who threaten the secure and orderly operation of a correctional institution. • Hands off Doctrine:Apolicy of nonintervention with regard to prison management that US courts tended to follow until the late 1960s. For 30 years, the doctrine languished as judicial intervention in prison administration dramatically increased, although there is now evidence that a new hands-off era is beginning. • Civil Death: The legal status of prison
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