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Chapter 12

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Criminal Justice
CJ 110

Chapter 12 notes (book) • Five elements of the prison code in 1960: ◦ Dont interfere with the interests of other inmates. Never rat on a con. ◦ Dont lose your head. Play it cool and do your own time. ◦ Dont exploit inmates. Dont steal. Dont break your word. Be right. ◦ Dont whine. Be a man. ◦ Dont be a sucker. Dont trust the guards or staff. • Some criminologists have suggested that the prison code is simply a reflection of general criminal values. • The deprivation model of prison subcultures deprives prisoners of ◦ Liberty ◦ Goods and services ◦ Heterosexual Relationships ◦ Autonomy ◦ Personal Security • The Importation model of prison subculture suggests that inmates bring with them values, roles, and behavior patterns from the outside world. • Nine structural dimensions of inmate society: ◦ Prisoner-staff dichotomy ◦ Three general classes of prisoners ◦ Work gangs and cell house groupd ◦ Racial groups ◦ Type of offense ◦ Power of inmate politicians ◦ Degree of sexual abnormality ◦ Record of repeat offenses ◦ Personality differences due to pre-prison socialization • Types of Prisoners: ◦ The mean dude ◦ The hedonist ◦ The opportunist ◦ The retreatist ◦ The legalist ◦ The radical ◦ The colonizer ◦ The religious ◦ The gang banger ◦ The realist • Studies of sexual violence in prison provides the following observations: ◦ Most sexual aggressors do not consider themselves homosexual ◦ Sexual release is not the primary motivation for sexual attack ◦ Many aggressors must continue to participate in gang rapes to avoid becoming victims themselves ◦ The aggressors have themselves suffered much damage to their masculinity in the past. • While they constitute only 13% of women in the United States, nearly 50% of women in prison areAfricanAmerican • Approximately 70% of all women under correctional supervision have at least one child younger than 18 years old. • Under the NIC report, recommendations for females in prison are: ◦ The creation of an effective system for female offenders that is structured differently from a system for male offenders ◦ The development of gender responsive policies and practices targeting women's pathways to criminality in order to provide effective interventions that address the inters
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