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Integrative Studies Biological
ISB 202

Online Modules: March 13, 2013 • Instructions providing all of the information necessary for a living organism to grow and live reside in the nucleus of every cell. • These instructions tell the cell what role it will play in your body. • The instructions come in the form of a molecule called DNA. It encodes a detailed set of plans, like a blueprint, for building different parts of the cell. • The DNAmolecule comes in the form of a double helix. The ladder's rungs are built with the four-letter DNAalphabet, AC T and G. • Ais always paired with T and G is always paired with C. • Asequence of these letters are called genes. • Genes tell the cell to make other molecules called proteins. Proteins enable a cell to perform special functions. • Genes are directions for building all the proteins that make our bodies function. • Genes are made of DNA • The DNAis packed into compact units called chromosomes • Each human cell has 46 chromosomes and all the DNAis organized into two sets of 23 chromosomes. • Our nerve networks are made up of individual cells a
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