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Integrative Studies Biological
ISB 202

Chapter 11 vocab bookBiodiversity The variety of life in all its forms and combinations and at all levels of organizationEndemic Species that are found only in specific environments or in restricted localitiesSpecies Richness The total number of species in each community the simplest measure of biodiversitySpecies Evenness A measure of the relative abundance of the different species in a communityStructural Complexity The threedimensional distribution of species and biological features within an ecosystemGenetic Diversity The genetic variation among individuals within a populationOutbreeding Mating between individuals that are not closely related Inbreeding Mating between closely related individuals Sampling Effect The increased likelihood as species diversity increases that a species has a big effect on a process in an ecosystemComplementarity Effect Species within a community utilize resources at different times or from different locations groups of species are thus able to use resources more efficiently than would any single species Ecotourism A form of tourism in which visitors come to see the natural beauty and biodiversity of an area in a sustainable fashion that supports local economies Biodiversity Hotspots Places with h
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