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Integrative Studies Social Sci
ISS 225
Patricia Molloy

Chapter 8 Anatomy of public opinion! A. Characteristics of public opinion 1. Direction, consensus- If you change it you must have a consensus. For McCain extremely negative. 2. Intensity, polarization: Divided opinion. 3. Stability 4. Latency 5. Salience (relevance): this connects to number two. B. Presidents, public opinion and problems of war, cold war, international crises C. Political Socialization 1. Family: Had been having a cultural war with family the past few years. Traditional family was one where parents taught their children about the culture. 2. School, peers: Curriculum what is taught and who teaches what. 3. Churches, Religious Values 4. Media Pearl Harbor changed everything. Last time congress declared war. Presidential Power and Authority A. Six major roles a. President is the chief executive he must see and help carry out all laws. b. Chief Legislature- most legislation starts in white house. c. Message power- they can recommend things for congress to do. d. Veto power- if congress passes a law they don’t like they can veto it. e. Leader of Forei
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