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Integrative Studies Social Sci
ISS 225
Patricia Molloy

Power and the Constitutional Order A. What is a Constitution? - What is the purpose of a constitution? Which nation has the world’s oldest, written democratic constitution? th - Before the 18 century – the word meant the general system of laws, customs and institutions relating to a nation. - But this changed after the American and French Revolutions. - Now it is a “social contract” drafted by a representative assembly and ratified by a special procedure for determining public consent. - A constitution was the act of people “constituting” the government. - It created a basic law and was the source of governmental power and authority. - Arthur Young spoke with contempt of the new view – “a new term they have adopted and which they use as if a constitution was a pudding to be made by a recipe.” Basically, constitution had to grow, not just be made. - Democratic political and constitutional systems do not remain static, they incorporated considerable political experience from the past and has been growing and developing ever since. - The British Constitution is older but unwritten. American is the oldest written constitution. - WHY AMERICAN LAST THE LONGEST? 
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