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Writing, Rhet & Amer Cultures
WRA 115

The Importance of Getting Curious ▯ ▯ - Curiosity is not dead. ▯ - “Situational Curiosity” — short-term curiosity ▯ - AKA when you randomly think about something that you NEED to look up. When its at the tip of your tongue, you just have the internet to search it. ▯ - genuine research relies on a sustained interest in something. ▯ - A question is what triggers your research, such as where does the term ditto came from and the history of certain things that interest you. ▯ ▯ Seeing the World with Wonder ▯ ▯ - CHOSE YOUR RESEARCH TOPIC CAREFULLY. IF YOU LOSE INTEREST IN IT, CHANGE YOUR TOPIC TO ONE THAT DOES INTEREST YOU OR FIND A DIFFERENT ANGLE. ▯ - Previous experience — I wrote about the KKK for six papers in high school and enjoyed it the first two times but then I got sick about writing about it. It was interesting to me the first time, but then I decided to change my angles each time I wrote about it. ▯ What have I seen or experienced that raises questions that research can help answer?▯ ▯ Getting the Pot Boiling ▯ - Pick something that you can relate too or that you have experienced. ▯ ▯ Exercise 1.1▯ - STEP ONE: TAKE TIME TO THINK ABOUT EVERYTHING THAT YOU KNOW. ▯ - You can start by using these — places, trends, things, technoligues, people, controversies, history, jobs, habits, hobbies.▯ - Brainstorm underneath these topics. ▯ - Personal Experience: I usually just make an outline of my life events. ▯ - STEP TWO: review your list, look for a single item in any column that you think you can write a paper on. ▯ - Is it something that raises a question that research can help me answer? ▯ - Are they potentially interesting questions? ▯ - Does this item get at something I've always wondered about? ▯ - Might it open doors to knowledge I think is important, fascinating,
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