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Writing, Rhet & Amer Cultures
WRA 115

Ballenger’s Chapter One Notes ▯ Possible Purposes for a ResearchAssignment— ▯ - Ballenger is telling us that it is important to know your main motive for writing the paper. - Is it a pervasive paper?Astory?Aresearch paper on a topic? - He tells us that it important to understand the purposes and how to approach the first draft by these two things: - EXPLORE - research essay instead of paper — - I never knew there was a difference between a paper and an essay. - • ARGUE — where to put the hypothesis - beginning of the paper. What writing skill is Ballenger recommending that can you imagine a professional situation in which the skill might be useful? o He is saying that you need to find a topic that you can form a question about and need to research more about so that you can make a strong hypothesis. Exercise 1.5 - Inquiry question - Primary Purpose - Explore andArgue - What, if any, prior beliefs, assumptions, preconceptions, ideas or prejudices do you bring to this project? - How much do the past experiences affect the way you feel and how you write your paper. - After you research it, what changed? Did your opinion change or did it strengthen it? ▯ Reading for Research - Reading research can be boring — but researchers who study reading say that the best readers are guided by a strong sense of purpose. Like they have an interest in reading, and they are getting something from it. - the strongest readers are those who already have some prior knowledge of the subject, ▯ Reading Rhetorically - this means selecting particular reading strategies that are most effective in certain situations and for certain purposes and applying them. - Such as seeing a text message and how it makes sense to you, such as brb, lol, cu in a bit x, def, b. - You already know the language that they are presenting in a text message. - When reading something else such as references, and different kinds of research, your usual reading strategies will fail. - We usually enjoy the experience of reading a story or at least feel something in response to a good one, but we usually read articles with a much more practical purpose in mind, to acquire information. - The difference is the WAYYOU READ THEM. - BECOMINGAWARE OFYOUR READING STRATEGIES IS THE FIRST STEP T
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