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Food Science
F_S 1030
Clarke- Universityof Missouri- Columbia

Chapter One Sunday, February 9, 2014 5:56 PM •Epidemiologists are the scientists who track the cause of an outbreak •An outbreak occurs when more than one contracts a food-borne illness •A person's feces is tested to determine the cause of the illness Food Preservation •Fresh foods are more likely to contain harmful microbes than commercially processed products •Food preservation involves reducing the chances that food will spoil or become unsafe. Methods of Preservation •Canning •Pasteurizing •Refrigerating •Freezing •Drying •Fermenting •Packaging Preservatives •Preservatives are food ingredients that slow spoilage and prevent food-borne illnesses o Salt and sugar are common examples •Food additives serve a useful purpose and must be effective for the intended use •They are required by law to be safe Safety of the American Food Supply •The public is becoming aware of dangers associated with foods •Causes of illness are more readily detected, traced and studied •Numerous changes in the food industry have occurred in the past 30-40 years Safety in the Home •Responsibility for food safety starts with production and ends with the consumer •The least controlled step is whenever consumers handle and prepare the food Frequent Factors in Food Poisoning •Improper storage temperature •Poor personal hygiene •Undercooking •Cross-contamination •Food from unsafe sources Pesticides & other Contaminants •Pesticides are chemicals applied to crops to kill pests •They are designed to break down to less harmful levels and residue levels are monitored in raw and processed product
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