H_D_FS 1600 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Emotional Expression, Machismo

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Lesson 4: Gendered Identities
Textbook Notes: Chapter 4 - Gendered Identities
Overview (pg. 80)
Sex: reference to male or female anatomy and physiology
Gender: describes societal attitudes and behaviors expected of and associated
with the two sexes
Gender Identity: the degree to which an individual sees herself or himself as
feminine or masculine
How one sees itself influences personal choices, identities, and family/
relationship roles
Personality traits, cultural expectations
Gender Expectations and Cultural Messages
Non-traditional women roles (anything not related to typical "house-wife/
mother" role)
CEOS, officers, military
More men are becoming "stay-at-home" dads, doing more "feminine"
household chores
"Our actions, thoughts, and feelings come not from instinct, but from social
messages" (80)
Stigmatized: "have others act disapprovingly toward us in such way that we feel
badly about ourselves" (81)
Often a result from analyzing characters in the media
Trying to explore individuality and become equals
Americans have become more liberal regarding gender roles
Traditional Sexism: "belief that women's roles should be confined to the family
and that women are not as fit as men for certain tasks or for leadership positions"
Declined since 1970s
Modern Sexism: denies that gender discrimination exists and women ask for too
much (82)
Challenges to Gender Boundaries
Intersexual: "anatomical, chromosomal, or hormonal variation from male or
female biology that is considered typical" (82)
Transgender: "describes identity adopted by those who are uncomfortable in the
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