H_D_FS 1600 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Social Learning Theory, Chicana Feminism, Masculinity

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Lesson 4: Gendered Identities
Textbook Notes: Chapter 4 - Gender and Socialization, Social Change and
Gender (pg. 92-102)
Gender and Socialization
Most behavior is learned, not an instinct -- special timeframe of child's life where
this is learned
Socialization: "process by which people develop their human capacities and
acquire a unique personality and identity and by which culture is passed from
generation to generation" (92)
Theories of Socialization
Social Learning Theory: "children learn gender roles as they are taught by
parents, schools, and the media" (93)
Rewarded or punished based on appropriate/inappropriate gender behavior
Self-Identification Theory: awareness of being a male or female
Usually known by age 3
Gender Schema Theory: develop a framework for what each gender is
supposed to do
Usually trying to maintain traditional stereotypes
Symbolic Interaction Theory: developing self-concepts based on social
Genes, socialization, interactions, environment, cultural/social encounters make
up an individual
Settings for Socialization
Sons and daughters usually treated similarly
Gendered interests still exist
Exploratory behavior more encouraged in boys than girls
Fathers tend to have more gendered expectations
Girls typically spend more time doing chores
Sometimes peers have more of an influence than parents
Play and Games
Significant part of child's development -- learn roles
Girls -- more intellectual & dependent play
Boys -- more physical, independent play
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