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Chapter 8

ANT 252 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Cultural Anthropology, Economic System, Impression Management

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ANT 252
Mary Hale Mullin

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8.1 Economics: Working, Sharing, and Buying
October 8th
Culture, Economics, and Value
the relative worth of an object or service
Economic system:
“the structured patterns and relationships through which people
exchange goods and services”
Economic Anthropology:
the subfield of cultural anthropology concerned with how people
make, share, and buy things and services
Study the decisions people make about earning a living
Economics vs. Economic Anthropology
Economics and economic anthropologists have different goals
Economists try to understand and predict economic patterns, with the goal of
helping people hold onto and increase their wealth
Whats going to happen to the economy?
What decisions do investors need to make?
Anthropologists dont assume transactions are the same everywhere, as they
recognize that cultural particularities shape the character of any transaction
Focus on, for example, the relationship between economics and other
aspects of the culture
ex) like the symbolic properties of money
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