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Chapter 1

ES 100 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Developed Country, Restoration Ecology

Environmental Science
Course Code
ES 100
Marcelo Luise Ardon Sayao

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Chapter 1
Sunday, August 26, 2018
8:40 PM
Sustainable Development
o Find ways to improve lives and env of people
o Paris Agreement 2015
100 billion to help fund developing areas without raising gas emissions
Replanting, energy, carbon reduction, poverty, illness, pollution
o Africa is half renewable energy
o Costa Rica, Uruguay, and Nicaragua are 90-100% renewable
Environmental Science
o Interdisciplinary study which involves science, social science, humanities to study world
o understanding natural systems
o Promote sustainability
o Don’t need to find remedies but instill them into culture
Conditions have improved over time
o To surround
o Conditions that surround organism
o Complex of social or cultural conditions that affect person or people
Population Growth
o Family size has decreased but people estimate larger populations
Affects earth conditions and resources
o Africa has highest birth rate and biggest poverty
People in poverty want larger consumption like the rich
o Birth rate has stabilized
UN estimates by 2050, all developed countries and most developing countries will
hav a lower birth rate than 2.1 kids per woman
Climate Change
o CO2 has increased about 35%
o By 2100, temperature will increase by 2-6 degrees C
Causes increased droughts, storms, wildfire
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