MGT 20200 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Absenteeism, Global Workforce, Equal Employment Opportunity

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8 Feb 2017

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MGT 20200-01 Julia Barth
Chapter 4: Managing Diversity
4.1 Define workplace diversity and explain why managing it is so important
Workplace diversitythe ways in which people in an organization are different
from and similar to one another
o Surface-level diversityeasily perceived differences that may trigger certain
stereotypes but that do not necessarily reflect the ways people think or feel
o Deep-level diversitydifferences in values, personality, and work
preferencesbecome more important than surface-level because they can
affect the way people work, communicate, react, and behave
Benefits to workforce diversity:
o People managementthey can attract and keep talented diverse people
o Organizational performancereduce employee turnover, absenteeism,
lawsuits and create a more productive, creative workforce
o Strategicbrings diverse points of view and gives a competitive edge in a
changing world, the right thing to do
4.2 Describe the changing workplaces in the US and around the world
US population characteristics:
o Total population increase due to immigration, 1/5 will be immigrants
o Racial/ethnic groups
o Aging population
Global workforce changes:
o Total world populationpredicted to either stabilize or peak, more young
people in workforce
o An aging populationaging at an unprecedented rate
4.3 Explain the different types of diversity found in workplaces
Age, gender, race and ethnicity, disability/abilities, religion, GLBT, other types of
4.4 Discuss the challenges managers face in managing diversity
Personal bias
o Biasprejudicestereotypingdiscrimination
Glass ceilingthe invisible barrier that separates women and minorities from top
management positions
4.5 Describe various workplace diversity management initiatives
The legal aspectabiding by federal legislation and mandates, ex. Equal
employment opportunity
Top management must be committed to diversity, so much the company thru and
Diversity skill training/awareness training
Employee resources groups
find more resources at
find more resources at
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