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Chapter 8

PSYC 581 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Sulfur Dioxide, Limbic System, Cortisol

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PSYC 581
Kaitlin Camilleri

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CH8 Early Childhood: Biosocial Development
Body Changes
Gain 4.5 lbs a year
Grow multiple inches
By age 6:
o 3ft. tall
o 40-50 lbs
o Looks lean, not chubby
o Adult-like proportions (especially legs)
o Ethnic differences play a role, e.g. in height: African American > Europeans >
Asians > Latinos
o Need fewer calories
But often still malnourished
o Overeating
Parents want to avoid malnutrition
Leads to obesity
Children exercises less
Eats less vegetables
Watches more TV
Eat more fast food
Nutritional deficiencies
o Lack adequate minerals
Iron delivers oxygen
Zinc growth + immune system, production of hormones
Calcium helps bones, teeth grow
High sugar diets
Food allergies
o Often to healthy foods
Oral health
o Too much sugar, too little fiber
Affects formation of permanent teeth
o Reasons for poor dental care:
Parental/child habits
o Add fluoride
o Avoid foods/dinks:
High in sugar
Sticky or slow dissolving (example; lollypop)
o Normal for this age
o Age-dependent
o Obsessive-compulsive behaviors not uncommon
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