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Art - History
ARTH 1111
Timothy Orwig

ARTH 1/14▯ ▯ chapter 14= key images for midterm and final▯ ▯ 20-1 Robert Campin: Master of Flemalle.  Enunciation scene, takes place in flanders, has modern scenery, religiously oriented, a lot of attention to detail, many small objects and attention to perspective and cityscape.  Symbolic connections to mary's virginity and purity.  left panel= patrons of the work, reawakening of the interest in portraiture, painted in an act of devotion.  On the right= joseph, working in workshop, was not present at enunciation.  Building a mousetrap, symbolizes jesus as bait for the devil.  ▯ ▯ 20-2 Claus Sluter: Well of Moses.  Lifesize figures, realistic features, all seem to be standing, highly individualized▯ 20-2A Virgin and Child.  Charter house doorway, figures are separated from niches, leaning toward mary and jesus.▯ ▯ 20-3 Melchior Broederlam: retable de champmol.  Several panels, hinged so all sides are visible, free standing.  First instance of oil painting on wood panelling.  depictions of realistic landscapes, mixture of interior and exterior scenes, enunciation, presentation of temple, flight into egypt.  Mixture of classical and gothic architecture.  ▯ ▯ 20-4 Jan Van Eyck: Ghent Altarpiece.  enunciation in the middle section, patrons at the bottom alongside the patron saints, paintings meant to look like sculpture.  Separation from the divine and the virgin, separates the hierarchy of the divine, increases the drama of the moment.  incorporates shadows of the frame of the piece, makes it look as if the panelling is a window.▯ ▯ 20-5 Jan Van Eyck: cont.  Adam and Eve, lamb of god on an alter, all christians converging to see the sacrifice▯ ▯ 20-6: Giovanni Arnolfini and His Bride.  Standing on holy ground, painting could be served as a marriage certificate, painter can be seen in the mirror.  Dog adds comfort, symbolizes loyalty and fidelity.  ▯ ▯ 20-8 rogier van Der Weyden: Deposition.  bringing christ down off the cross.  mirroring between christ's body and mary's body, very strong emotions, united in grief, focuses on the moment, no landscape, memento mori, crossbow in the corned because commissioned by archery guild▯ ▯ 20-9 Saint Luke Drawing the Virgin.  Ox is a symbol of saint Luke.  first medieval portrait artist, saint luke was first to draw a picture of mary and the baby jesus (myth).  Shows the divine origins of art to justify an artist's work for
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