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Art - History
ARTH 1111
Timothy Orwig

ARTH 2/4▯ ▯ 23-1 Bosch - Garden of Earthly delight:  3 part panel, oil on wood.  Patron is represents holy union, the problems of human sin, the punishment of hell.  Strange machinery, tubes, beakers, supposed to represent an alchemy lab, and the allure of alchemy.  ▯ ▯ 12-15 Gossaert - Neptune and Amphitrite: an exhibition of what he saw in rome, incorporates forms of columns, bucrenia (ox skulls popular in some forms of roman architecture and during the art deco period).  In the tradition of adam of eve, placed in a classical frame.  Classical frame and size denotes northern renaissance.▯ ▯ 23-16 Massys - Money Changer and his Wife: use of reflection in the little mirror, reflecting the window to the street, with a man who is praying and behind him there is a church steeple.  This is a judgement of th wife, her idleness, and how she is not studying her prayer book.  She is more interested in her husband’s work as a money changer.  Outside the back window are two idle gossips in the courtyard.  Condemnation of both of them.▯ ▯ 23-17 Aertsen - Butcher’s Stall: Butcher paintings generally have a moral of using all parts of the animal, the woman doing her work in the kitchen, not religious, just daily life.  The extra layer in this piece deals with religion, in the background Mary, Joseph, and Jesus on the road to Egypt, people praying, winding their way to church.  On the other side people partying, and oyster shells on the ground, which symbolize aphrodisiacs and sensuality.  Pretzels and the jug at the top represent religious food, bread and wine.  Crossed fish at the bottom, a christian symbol. Lots of coded meanings.▯ ▯ 23-19 Teerlinc - Elizabeth I as a princess: female artist, very popular in the english court.▯ ▯ 23-20 Patinir - Landscpae with saint gerome: the legend of saint gerome is that he pulls a thorn out of a lion’s paw, depicts him as a hermit, is a small part of a larger composition.  The rest of the pairing has nothing much to do with him.  Lots of other little stories in the picture.  development of Dutch landscape.  At this point, the netherlands are the economic hub of europe.  Lots of disposable income to support artists.▯ ▯ 23-21 Brugel - Netherlandish Porvebs: every element is some sort of proverb.  Some very outlandish scenes, a lot of which the idiom has fallen out of use.  Barely time to put the sky in the background because there are so many.▯ ▯ 23-22 Bruegel - Hunters in the snow: one of the great landscape painting of all time, lots of depth to it, very elongated.  Pulls on the traditions of the book of hours, blown up to a large scale, expanded to include all elements of society.▯ ▯ 23-22A Bruegel - The Fall of Icarus: Illustrates the the idea of being to prideful or attempting to enter the realm of the gods, overextending.  ▯ ▯ Spanish Art▯ 23-23 Portal Colegio del San Gregorio: Architecture usually has fairly unadorned walls, all the decoration around the doorway.  Very intricately plating around the door, very delicately placed details, framework, statues, trees, lions, smaller figures and shields.  Like the screen at the front of a church.  Has no relation to the wall, just a screen stuck at the front to show where the door is.  Also often used int he 1490s-1500s throughout central and south america.  Plataresque Detail.  Repeated geometries throughout, practiced by the moorish spaniards who practiced islamic, incorporated small details.▯ ▯ 23-24 El Escorial: Royal residence, also a church, also a mosoleum, monastery.  Most significant renaissance building in Spain.  Enormous front, almost flat except for classical doorway, very symmetrical, the size of the windows seem more like italy than france because of the climate.  The axial development is evident in the towers, very precisely planned.▯ ▯ 23-35 Greco - The Burial of Count Orgaz: Interesting lighting, lots of emotion, proportions are a little off, a l
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