Arteries and Veins

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BIOL 1119
Christopher Richardson

Arteries and Veins Pulmonary Circuit Pulmonary trunk (from right ventricle) branches into: • one right and one left pulmonary artery • then, on each side of lung, right and left arteries further branch into lobar arteries • they lead to lobes of lungs Arteries in lungs lead to: • capillary beds, which surround alveoli (air sacs for gas exchange) • then, blood returns through venules to veins to pulmonary veins with two left and two right pulmonary veins entering the left atrium Ascending aorta goes to aortic arch which: • first gives off brachiocephalic trunk • then gives off left common carotid artery • then finally gives off left subclavian artery Brachiocephalic trunk splits into right subclavian artery and right common carotid artery Each common carotid artery splits into internal and external carotid arteries, which deliver most of the blood to the head, with the carotid sinus located in the internal carotid artery, following the branching of the right common carotid artery Arteries in Arm: • subclavian artery leads to axillary artery • axillary artery leads to brachial artery, which supplies arm Aortic arch leads to: • descending aorta (thoracic) • moves through aortic hiatus (through diaphragm) • leads to descending aorta (abdominal) Bronchial artery: • arises from descending thoracic aorta • supplies lung tissue, pericardium and esophagus Descending aorta, abdominal: • gives off celiac trunk, which has 3 branches: o common hepatic artery, which supplies stomach, pancreas, liver, and gall bladder o splenic artery, which supplies spleen o left gastric artery, which supplies stomach • gives off superior and inferior mesenteric arteries, which supply small and large intestines 1 • gives off left and right renal arteries, which supply left and right kidneys • g
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