COMM 1101 Chapter 4: Communications Chapter 4

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Communication Studies
COMM 1101
Thomas K.Nakayama

Communications Chapter 4: Communicating Perceiving and Understanding Our perceptions of others strongly influence how we respond to and communicate about themdifferent for different people though Different perceptions of what things should be based on societal factors The Importance of Perception How respond depends on the perception of them Sexual attraction is influenced by the body odor of a potential partner o Women are affected more with smells Our perceptions of others impact how we communicate with them, our perceptions and communication impact how they see themselves Continuously engage in a variety of processes that limit and structure everything you perceive What is Perception Perception refers to the process of selection, organization, and interpretation that we use to understand the information we collect through our senses o The process of using which sensory information to focus on Selection Communicators have fields of perception because cant process everything o Center (objects symbols words), peripheral, outside Selective attention o Consciously or unconsciously attending to just a narrow range of the full array of sensory information available Attention usually devoted to the center of your field Selection of sensory input is not randomchoose based on o Aspects of your identity o Features of the person o Your goals Researchers found that remember negative comments, unexpected things, and importance Organization Recognizing what the input represents Cognitive Representation o The ability to form mental models, or cognitive maps, of the world we live in o Create maps then refer to them later on Ex. Fire alarm o People can develop a plan, or cognitive map for specific situations Use them when communicate too o Maps are representations of things general outline o 2 specific types of mapscognitive representations prototype idealized maps, most representative example of a person or concept
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