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Communication Studies
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COMM 1101
Thomas K.Nakayama

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Chapter 8: Communication Across Cultures Japan people refer to be more indirect On the border between 2 cultureshaving to negotiate sometimes between conflicting sets of languages and cultural values Communication technology and foreign travel allow for intercultural comm Cultural differences also lead to problems The Importance of Intercultural Communication Increased knowledge and skill in intercultural comm can improve your career effectiveness, intergroup relations, and selfawareness Increased Opportunities for Intercultural Contact People leave countries bc of national revolutions (Syria and Sudan), natural disasters (Europe, Indonesia floods, Japan earthquake), and travel o 36 million displaced people, 23,000 people per day leave because of persecution Diaspora o The movement, migration, or scattering of a people away from an established or ancestral homeland ex: flee genocide o Groups often attempt to settle tog in communities in the new location while maintaining a strong ethnic identity and a desire to return home o Jews fleeing, slaves taken from Africa, Chinese fleeing famine and war, Armenians escaping genocide, Eritreans from Ethiopia, Albanians from Kosovo o Latina diaspora, Katrina diaspora o Some travel to new lands voluntarily to better themselves or personal reasons Facts about global migration o 232 million migrants in 2013high o Europe and Asia have most migrants from international locations72,71 million, North America holds the third most53 o Top 10 migrant corridors Mexico to US12 million Ukraine to Russian Federation3.6, Russian federation to Ukraine3.5 Bangladesh to india3.1, turkey to Germany2.8 Kazakhstan to Russian federation2.6, Afghanistan to Pakistan2.4 China to the US1.9, Philippines to the US1.8,India to the US1.5 o Refugees represent small percentage of immigrants worldwide7 o Majority of refugees hosted by small countries: Jordan, Palestine, Pakistan, Syria, Iran, Germany People travel for pleasure, 1035 million in 2013, also for study 800,000 study US from international, 280,000 go abroad from US US is becoming a plurality nationno group is the majority o Hispanic pop will double and be 30 in 2060, and Asian will be 8, African am14 same o Two or more race category will triple o Elderly pop will doublebaby boom people
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