COMM 1101 Chapter 9: Chapter 9

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Communication Studies
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COMM 1101
Thomas K.Nakayama

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Chapter 9: Communicating in Close Relationships The Importance of Communication in Close Relationships Close relationships are a source of much happiness and some distress and serve as a significant context within which a persons interactions take place Can offer a sense of belonging, emotional and physical support, alleviate loneliness, central to psychological and physical health Quantity and quality of relationships contribute to mental health and longevity Happy marriage means less high blood pressure and heart problems Close relationships are distinguished by their frequency, intensity, and diversity of contact as well as their level of intimacy, importance, and satisfaction o Tend to be more open, disclose info o Influenced more by indiv factors, know each other better, share more experiences, interpret and adapt comm better, increased understanding Casual relationships usually role based, less personal interaactions and more superficial and social norms, people can be replaced easily Close Relationships and the Individual 13 of first marriages end in divorce or separation within 10 years Theories of Relationship Development theories help predict and explain behavior Attraction Theory o Theory that explains the primary forces that draw people together o Proximity, interpersonal attractiveness, and similarity Proximity o How physically close one is to others o But today can feel close without being close bc of technology o It facilitates informal, relatively unplanned comm that provides the opp for people to notice others attractive qualities, learn about their similarities, and develop a relationship o Easier it is to interact the easier it will be to develop an sustain a relationship Attractiveness o The appeal one person has for another based on physical appearance, personalities, or behavior o Matching hypothesis The tendency to develop relationships with people who are approximately as attractive as we are o Physical, social and task attractiveness o Social attractiveness How friendly, warm, outgoing and sociable o Taskhow desirable people are as work coworkers or task partners Similarity o Degree to which people share the same values, interests and background o Opposites can attract but in the case of background values and attitude no o Find this out in early stages of conversational interaction o Prefer people whose comm skills like their own
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