COMM 1112 Chapter Notes - Chapter 10: Method Acting, Institute For Operations Research And The Management Sciences, The Need

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Chapter 10: Feeling and Enthusiasm
I used to do musicals in high school. On days of shows, I always avoided my friend
Annalee. She fully embraced one of the themes of this chapterfulling entering into the
character you impersonate.
This is called method acting
She would act and speak just like her character, like she was stuck in someone else’s
body—through group projects, teacher’s calling on her, everything
While somewhat scary off stage, Annalee was the most expressive and enthusiastic
actress on stage. She truly embodied feeling and enthusiasm through letting her character
possess and enthrall her.
While this is extreme, the theme of fully embracing your what you want to portray is the
best way to show feeling and enthusiasm
Man is a feeling animal—the speaker’s ability to arouse men to action is based on ability
to touch emotions
The speeches that will live have been charged with emotional force
The Power of Enthusiasm
To stir up enthusiasm is more effective than reasoning
Enthusiasm is contagious
How are We to Acquire and Develop Enthusiasm?
How to get feeling in to your speaking: You must actually ENTER INTO the character
you impersonate, the cause you advocate, the case you arguelet is possess and enthrall
o Be in SYMPATHY with your subjects
o Feel with itenthusiasm should be genuine and contagious
Genuine feeling is the bone and blood of a speech and cannot be added or subtracted at
Speaker and audience become one, fused by emotion
The Need of Sympathy for Humanity
Necessity for broad love for humanity, a truly religious feeling
o Speeches not delivered out of a selfish or narrow cause
o Desire to help humanity
Selfishness is a sinreal sympathy and love moves humanity
The religious element informs and influences
Don’t pretend to sympathy or feelingsit cannot be done successfully
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