COMM 1112 Chapter Notes - Chapter 11: Inflection

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Chapter 11: Fluency Through Preparation
This chapter was about fluency through preparation. While reading this chapter, I felt like
my head was going to explode.
Carnegie describes how essential knowledge is, and then goes on to explain how this
includes a multitude of things
Think and arrange your thoughts, have a precise vocabulary, have an easy manner of
breathing, don’t be self conscious
Carnegie, if I am thinking about all of these things, I’m going to be the least fluent I have
ever been.
Just as I was thinking this, he comforted me by saying “don’t feel discouraged if all of
these principles seem to retard your fluency
He outlines that practice helps turn these principles into habit, and you therefore don’t
need to think about them
The flowing quality of speech is much more than the ready, easy use of words
Composite effectcareful notice
The Sources of Fluency
Fluency is almost entirely a matter of preparation
Readiness is preparedness
Your fluency will be in direct ratio to 2 important conditions: your knowledge of what
you’re going to say and your being accustomed to telling what you know to an audience
Knowledge is Essential
Do not expect to speak fluently on a subject that you know little or nothing about
Also includes ability to think and arrange your thoughts, a full and precise vocabulary, an
easy manner of speech and breathing, absence of self-consciousness, and other elements
of efficient delivery
Preparation usually should be general and specific
Clarify your ideas by putting them into words
o The talker gains as much from his conversation as the listener
o The give-and-take of conversation develops mentality, and fluency in expression
Practice must be both general and special
For a time, these principles might slow your speech
Inflection will be demanding
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