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Earth & Environmental Sciences
ENVR 1104
Malcolm D Hill

1/22/14 Natural Disasters and Catastrophes ENVR 1104 CRN: 30271 Chapter 4: Earthquake Predictions, Forecasts, and Mitigation • Earthquake precursors: o Observing the changes along a fault- that suggest the storage of growing amounts of strain energy in that area, the likelihood of an EQ ‘sometime soon’ in that area is higher o Elastic Rebound Theory: far from the fault, blocks of rock move “freely” but along the fault, friction lock keeps the 2 blocks from moving (until the EQ occurs)- this leads to buildup of strain energy – maximum at the fault, diminishing away from the fault o Foreshocks could be a warning of a larger impending earthquake o Deformed rocks near a fault:  Radon in water wells  Water level in wells  Ground surface elevation  Fluid Pressure  Unusual animal behavior o Early warning system- doesn’t work well • Paleoseismology= by stud
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