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Earth & Environmental Sciences
ENVR 1104
Malcolm D Hill

1/24/14 Natural Disasters and Catastrophes ENVR 1104 CRN: 30271 Chapter 5: Tsunami • Tsunami: o A wave with higher peaks and lower troughs o Generated by sudden displacements in the sea floor, landslides, or volcanic activity o Earthquake generated tsunami:  Not normally caused by strike-slip faults  Caused by displacement of water  A subduction zone earthquake snaps the leading edge of a continent up and forward o Volcano generated tsunami:  Volcanic eruptions can also displace water and cause tsunamis  Volcanoes may erupt explosively in a horizontal direction (directed blast), and generate large waves that way.  If an inflating volcano oversteepens part of its slope, a major landslide might trigger a tsunami o Tsunami triggered by subsea landslides:  …and subaerial landslides that reach the sea. Seawater is displaced sideways, and a tsunami races away from the landslide’s location o Asteroid impact generated tsunami:  Ex: Chicxulub Crater, Yucatan Peninsula • Tsunami Movement: o Wavelength= distance btwn two waves measured from crest to crest o Period= the time between
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