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Christopher Gilbert

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HIST1271Ancient Rome Units I3 Archaeological Foundations The Formation of Roman Identity The Emergence of the Roman Republic Timelinec 1000 BCE Earliest signs of human settlement of the area on the Capitoline Hillc 900 BCE Permanent human settlement of the area on the Palatine Hill753 BCE Romuluss foundation of Rome715 BCE Death of Romulus reign of Numa672 BCE Death of Numa reign of Tullus Hostilius640 BCE Death of Tullus Hostilius reign of Ancus Marcius616 BCE Death of Ancus Marcius reign of Tarquin Priscus the Elder578 BCE Death of Tarquin the Elder reign of Servius Tullius578534 BCE Introduction of the Comitia Centuriata534 BCE Death of Servius Tullius reign of Tarquin Superbus The Proud509 BCE Expulsion of Tarquin the Proud foundation of the Roman Republic treaty with Carthage494493 BCE First secession of the plebeians creation of a board of five tribunes450 BCE Completion of the Law Code of the Twelve Tables445 BCE Plebeianpatrician intermarriage legalized444 BCE First board of consular tribunes appointedc 390 BCE Sack of Rome by the Gauls after Battle of the River Allia
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