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International Affairs
INTL 1101
Denise Horn

Nicole Hicks Globalization and International Affairs Ch. 37 Richard Dodgson, Kelley Lee, Nick Drager Global Health Governance  Globalization has  introduced, or at least made worse, transborder health risks  increased the number and influence of non-governmental actors in health governance  made it harder to sustain, and sometimes worsens, socioeconomic, political, and environmental problems  helped in the demise of political and practical capacity of national governments to deal with global health challenges << most important because it suggests that maybe we need to change the fundamental structure of health governance  Essential elements of GHG  Deterritorialisation  The need to define and address the determinants of health from a multi-sectoral perspective (don't forget to consider trade, environment, agriculture...)  The need to involve a broader range of actors and interests. IGH has always been state-defined. Change it! Ch. 33 James Vreeland The International Monetary Fund  The IMF was founded after the Great Depressio
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