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Northeastern University
International Affairs
INTL 1101
Denise Horn

Don’t Panic, Go Organic Anna Lappe What’s best for the planet: a food system based on agroecological practices; Paarlberg’s statistics veil the true human and ecological cost we are paying with the agriculture industry. Paarlberg’s argument for industrial agriculture and biotechnology is built on a misleading depiction of what organic agriculture is, bolstered with shaky statistics, and constructed by ignoring the on-the-ground lessons of success stories across the globe • Biotech and industrial agriculture: called water, chemical, and fossil-fuel-intensive farming, requiring external inputs to boost productivity • Organic practices: it's knowledge-intensive farming • "reliance on resource-extractive industrial agriculture is risky and unsustainable, particularly in the face of worsening climate, energy, and water crises" Instead, commercialized biotech crops have fostered herbicide-resistant weeds and p
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