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International Affairs
INTL 1101
Denise Horn

Ch. 4 Notes: Jihad vs. McWorld Benjamin R. Barber Two possible political futures: • Retribalization of large swaths of humankind by war bloodshed • Globalization causes nations into one commercially homogenous global network; the planet is falling precipitately apart AND coming reluctantly together at the very same moment. Both the Jihad, driven by parochial hatreds, and the McWorld, driven by universalizing markets, offers much hope in looking for practical ways to govern themselves democratically. McWorld, or the Globalization of Politics Four imperatives make up the dynamic of McWorld: 1. Market imperative a. All national economies are now vulnerable to transitional markets with free trade, convertible currencies, banking, and contracts enforceable by law; this erodes national sovereignty giving rise to international entities. b. Has reinforced the quest for international peace and stability; international law ceases to be a vision of justice and becomes a workday framework for getting things done 2. Resource imperative a. The inability to be resourcefully independent stems from the misdistribution of resources. This forces greater cooperation and interdepended to acquire the resources necessary to function. 3. Information-technology imperative a. Enlightenment science and the technologies derived from it are inherently universalizing; this technology allows for increased commerce and communication never possible before 4. Ecological imperative a. Foreign cars can destroy domes
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