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Northeastern University
International Affairs
INTL 1101
Denise Horn

Power Shift Notes Jessica T. Matthews The Rise of Global Civil Society • Cold War has brought redistribution of power among states, markets, and civil society. National governments are now sharing power. • 1648’s Peace of Westphalia started the steady concentration of power in the hands of the states • Westphalian system: territorially fixed states where everything of value lies within some state’s borders • Post Cold War conflicts have been largely intrastate affairs beginning with governments acting against their own citizens through corruption, violence, incompetence, or complete breakdown • Human Security: security viewed as conditions of food, shelter, employment health, ,public safety- not a country’s foreign relations and military strength • Most powerful engine of change: relative decline of states and rise of non-state actors is the computer and telecommunications revolution • Above all, information technologies disrupt hierarchies spreading power among more people and groups Dial Locally, Act Globally • The ever growing number and power of NGO’s has allowed for them to breed new ideas mobilize public support, do policy analysis, provide services, monitor international commitments and change institutional norms • NGO’s force governments to consider domestic public opinion in countries with which they are dealing Out of the Hallway, Around the Table • Influence of NGO’s at climate talks has not yet been matched in any other arena • NGO’s have worked their way into the heart of international negotiations bringing new priorities, demands for procedures that five a voice to groups outside government, and new standards of accountability One World Business • Today, a global marketplace is developing for retail sales as well as manufacturing • Private capital flow has been growing twice as fast as trade • Increases of goods and people crossing borders and competitive pressures to ease paperwork and reg
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