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Chapter 10

PSYC 3404 Chapter 10: Chapter 10 Textbook

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Northeastern University
PSYC 3404
Dawn Cisewski

April 4, 2017 Chapter 10: Young Adulthood Section 1: Physical Development - 3 most important markers of the transition to adulthood are • accepting responsibility for oneself • making independent decisions • becoming financially independent - thalamus gradually reduces its production of • t cells: immune cells produced by the thymus that fight disease in the body • B cells (not in thalamus): immune cells that originate in bone marrow and produce antibodies that destroy bacteria and viruses - basal metabolic rate (BMR): amount of energy the body uses when at rest • declines starting at age 25 - aerobic exercise: exercise that involves vigorous movement that substantially elevates the heart rate for at least 30 minutes - endorphins: brain chemicals that provide a pleasurable feeling and increase well-being Section 2: Cognitive Development - IQ predicts success in adulthood - expertise: extensive knowledge and skills in a specific field - creativity: ability to put ideas or materials together in new, culturally meaningful ways Section 3: Emotional and Social Development - Erikson’s theory in young adulthood • intimacy vs. isolation - the central emotional and psychosocial issue is to unite the newly formed identity with another person in an enduring, committed, intimate relationship - Sternberg’s theory • triangular theory of love - different types of love involve combining 3 fundamental qualities in different ways - qualities: passion, intimacy, and commitment Name Passion Intimacy Commitment Liking x Infatuation x Empty Love x Romantic
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