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PSYC 3406
Nancy Snyder

SYMPTOMS LIFETIME GENDE OTHER AGE OF TREATMENT/MEDICA CO- PREVALE R PATTER ONSET TION MORBIDI NCE PATTER NS TY NS “Free Floating” 5-6% F:M – 2:1 Higher Anytime, but Benzodiazepines (short- GENERALIZ ED ANXIETY Anxiety (Diagnose in… often early oterm or on an emergency basis only) DISORDER Muscle Tension d) -African American Antidepressants- SSRIs, Irritability s SNRIs (long-term) Fatigue -Low [Antipsychotics work but Restlessness Income are not prescribed] Indecisiveness Discouragemen t Sensitivity Insomnia Difficulty concentrating Hyper vigilance Persistent, 12%+ F:M – 2:1 Higher Anytime SPECIFIC PHOBIC excessive or in… Animal unreasonable DISORDERS fear -Hispanic Phobias/Natu American ral Things- Persistent for at least six s Childhood months -African Situational Causes American Things- distress/impairs s Bimodal functioning (childhood, Exposure to mid 20s) stimulant provokes and immediate anxiety response SOCIAL Fear of social 12% F:M – 3:2 Usually GAD or performance around 13 ANXIETY situations Panic DISORDER (late Disorder Fear of childhood, Specific unfamiliar early people, adolescence) Phobias scrutiny, Depressio embarrassment n , Substance Marked fear of anxiety about (Alcohol) Abuse one or more social Bipolar situations Disorder Body Dismorphi ng Must have 2/5 F:M – 2:1 Adulthood Preceded AGORAPHO BIA fears of…
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