POLI SCI 351 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2.3: Hussein Of Jordan, Palestine Liberation Organization, Palestinians In Jordan

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- 1949, King Abdallah changes the name of Transjordan to the Hashemite
Kingdom of Jordan
- Jordan’s position in Israel-Palestine: Wanted to prevent the establishment of
an independent Palestinian state. Zionists ceded central Palestine to
Abdallah if he’d stop getting involved in the war. Changed the name of
central “PalestinE” to the “West Bank”
- 1951: Abdallah is assassinated by a Palestinian
- Abdallah’s son, Hussein bin Talal joined forced w/ Iraq to help gain power
in Arab affairs against Nasser (who at this point was joined up w Syria)
- Iraqi monarchy is overthrown
- Hussain is nervous b/c new king is more of an Iraqi nationalist so
Britain and US helped protect Jordan/give them money until he
stopped ruling in 1999
- Hussein was never popular with Jordanian Palestinians
- North African countries achieved independence later than Arab East
countries and their foreign policy tended towards Arab nationalism
- Libya got independence in 1949 and was very poor until oil was discovered
in the late 1950s
- 1960: A military coup puts al-Qadhafi in charge (was head of state till 2011
when he was murdered)
- Qadhafi used oil wealth to build a modern state and fund radical Arab
nationalist and leftist movements
- Major source of funding for PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization)
- Incredibly repressive government
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