POLI SCI 351 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2.4: Arab Nationalism, Iraqi Nationalism

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- Tenets of nationalism
- 1. Humanity is naturally divided into smaller units, nations
- 2. Nations can be identified by certain characteristics that all citizens
hold in common, and that these characteristics are immune to changes
over time
- 3. The people of a nation have a special relationship to some particular
piece of land and “belong” there
- 4. Nations possess a “Common interest” that the state must promote
- Even if the IDEOLOGY of nationalism is resilient (in modern world,
everyone must belong to a nation), NATIONALIST MOVEMENTS are
separate -- attached to a specific place or country - Syrian nationalists,
Ottoman nationalists etc.
- Nationalism as an ideology is a fairly revolutionary thing; but, nationalist
movement that assert some local identity is different
- Why did nationalism spread to the Middle East?
- Nationalism came to the Ottoman Empire with the spread of the
modern world economic and state systems to the Middle East
- Spread of modern technologies and market relations affected notions
of social, economic and cultural space - paved the way for regional
loyalties that would provide the basis for nationalist movement
- In the second half of the 19th century, European built
telegraph come in and connected cities, carriage roads,
rail service etc. all came in -- result was peasants become
increasingly connected to urban cores instead of their
small towns, elites connected to elites in other cities. So
basically, these technological innovations and
modernization facilitated a more connected “world” but it
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