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Chapter 1

CHEM UA 125- Chapter 1 Notes

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John Halpin

11Chemistry the study of matter and its properties the changes that matter undergoes and the energy associated with those changesmatter anything that has mass and volumecomposition the types and amounts of simpler substances that make up matterproperties the characteristics that give each substance its unique identityphysical properties characteristics that show by itself without changing into or interacting with another substancephysical change when a substance alters its physical properties not its composition a change caused by heating can generally be reversed by coolingnot generally true for chemical chagneschemical properties characteristics that show as it changes into or interacts with another substancechemical changereaction occurs when a substance is covered into a different substancethree states of matter solid liquid gassolid has a fixed shape that does not conform to the container shapeliquid has a varying shape that conforms to the container shape has a upper surfacegas varying shape that conforms to the container shape but fills the entire container and does not have a surfacemacroscopic scale properties what we can seeatomic scale properties what we cannot seeWe study observable changes in matter to understand their unobservable causesenergy the ability to do workpotential energy the energy due to the position of the object relative to other objectskinetic energy
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