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Chapter 12

CHEM UA 125- Chapter 12 Notes

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New York University
John Halpin

Halpin notesdipoledipole forcespolar bonds unequal sharing of electronsone side becomes more positive one becomes more negativeexperiencescreates different electromagnetic fieldsmolecule net charge is zero but its asymmetry of its charge distribution causes it to interact strongly with nearby ions and other polar speciescharge magnitudes of dipoles are less than unit charges which makes the IM forces due to dipoles generally weaker than those due to ionstwo polar molecules will interact by dipole dipole forcesthe negative region of one dipole will be attracted to the positive region of another dipolewill tend to align and thus increases attractions and decreases the repulsions for molecules of similar molar mass the dipole dipole strength varies with the polaritycant compare this with molecules of very different molar mass there is a certain force that correlates with molar mass polarizabilityiondipole forcesif there is a mixture with ions and polar molecules the cations will attract the negative regions of dipoles and the anions will attract the positive regions of dipolestendency for alignmentstrength of IM forces involving a dipole will depend on charge magnitude and the compactness of the moleculecompact charged species attract neighbors more
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