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Chapter 4

CHEM UA 125- Chapter 4 Notes

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John Halpin

41polar nature of water due touneven charge distributionbent molecular shapemolecular polaritydissolution occurs because the attractions between each type of ion and several water molecules outweigh the attractions between the ionseventually ions become solvated closely surrounded by solvent moleculeselectrolyte a substance that conducts a current when dissolved in waterwhen an ionic compound dissolves there is a movement of charged particlesformula of the soluble ionic compound tells the number of moles of the component ions in solutionnonelectrolytessubstances in aqueous solutions that do not conduct an electric currentmost soluble covalent substances do not separate into ions but remain intact molecules42molecular equation shows all the reactants and products as if they were intact compoundstotal ionic equation shows all the soluble ionic substances dissociated into ionsnet ionic equation eliminates the spectator ions and shows only the actual chemical change43precipitate reaction 2 soluble ionic compounds react to form an insoluble product a precipitateformation of an insoluble product through the net removal of ions from solutionpredicting if a precipitate will formnote the ions in the reactantsconsider all possible cation anion combinationsdecid
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