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PSYCH 1100 Chapter Notes -Ghrelin, Dieting, Leptin

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PSYCH 1100

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Motivation & Emotion 10/22/2014
Emotional Experience as Destination 10/22/2014
… and we prefer to feel good
Hedonic Principle: people are motivated to experience pleasure and avoid pain
Every choice we make is an attempt to experience the least amount of pain possible.
Instincts v. Drives
Instincts: natural tendency to seek a particular goal
Without training or learning
Drives: When we notice that our internal state is not at homeostasis we take corrective action
Hunger, thirst, body temperature
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
Physiological needs: food, water, warmth, rest
Safety needs: security, safety
Belongingness and love needs: intimate relationships, friends
Esteem needs: prestige and feeling of accomplishment
Self-actualization: achieving one’s full potential, including creative activities
Emotional Experience as Destination 10/22/2014
Must Satisfy basic needs before psychological and self-fulfillment needs
Not always necessarily true
Motivation for food
WE feel hungry when our stomachs are empty, right?
It’s more than just an empty stomach; brain has more control.
Ghrelin: Hormone produced in stomach, signals brain to turn hunger on
Leptin: chemical secreted by fat cells, signals brain to turn hunger off
Hungry, Hungry Hypothalamus
Different parts of the hypothalamus send and receive specific messages