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Chapter 30

ENG 3210 Chapter 30: End of Uncle Tom's Cabin

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ENG 3210
Paul Jones

Where we left off: Tom beaten because he refused to beat other slaves • Contrasting ways to think about the horrors of slavery forced onto the saves o Tom – very strict Christian: if God is letting this happen to him, then it is His Will or whatever ▪ Waiting for God's time; for things to be done • He won't act by running away or anything aggressively defiant more than refusing to beat other slaves o Cassy ▪ Ch 38 • Tom and Cassy discuss actions o C: don’t you want your liberty o T: it's not God's time o She wants tom to murder Legree but he refuses "not for ten thousand worlds" o "good never comes from wickedness" o Christian refrain of "love our enemies" ▪ Tom's situation with him is entirely different from her because she's been violated and raped for years but Tom has merely been overworked and beaten o "I'll bear my cross with them" o Echo of Eliza and Tom from the beginning Who has a more appealing argument? • Cassy o Has action o His death can be justified – how many future lives would you be saving by taking his life o Her argument and desire to pick up an axe – would strike fear into white citizens (like Nat Turner) o Flesh and blood wont let her love her master • Tom o Passively waiting o Leaving it to God • Where does Stowe stand o Objectively presents their arguments o Tom's argument goes against the politics of the novel itself which is that one needs to act now o You need to be just as bad as the slave owners to rise above them ▪ Malcom X vs MLK Jr ▪ WEB DuBois vs. If youre scared of these people being freed then maybe that's telling you that something is wrong. If slavery was okay then there would be no fear in the freeing of the slaves Compare/Contrast Deaths of Tom and Eva • Eva: dying in big fancy bed in mansion with all the comforts of wealth o In her moment white womanhood is praised and says that it's just as valuable that of the black man's sacrifice. Perhaps Tom is even more Christ like than Eva – he literally takes beatings and is killed to save people • Tom: dying completely separated from his family; little material or any solace; family isn't there to help him pass • Parallel: o In dying hours they're still ministering; absolutely no selfish concern about the ending of their lives; thinking about other people and encouraging them to become Christians o Innocent ▪ She is a
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