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LAW 101
Robert Weiner

Case Brief Business Law 101 2/16/13 Heather Brown Lambert v. Barron (La. Ct. App. 2008) (p.319) I. Facts The plaintiff, Lambert, has experience in resolving construction disputes and has a long- standing professional relationship with the defendant, Barron. Barron’s business was experiencing financial trouble and sent Lambert copies of construction contracts to review before his visit to discuss these documents in Farmerville, Louisiana. Before returning home, Lambert said they contracted for him to provide consulting services for Barron for one year. At the end of the year Barron received a bill for $34,100. Barron paid Lambert for one day and three hours of service and claims he never agreed to a year of service. He hasn’t consulted Lambert for advice since his last agreed upon service. II. Judgment Affirmed ruling in favor of defendant, Barron. III. Legal Principle A. Issue Was a (legal oral) contract formed between the two parties? (Was there a breach of contract?) B.
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