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Case Brief Business Law 101 1/26/13 Heather Brown King v. Kentucky (2011) (Mallor et al., 15th ed., p. 144) I. Facts Police enter an apartment complex located in Lexington, Kentucky. Police officer Gibbons saw a controlled cocaine drug deal in the parking lot of the complex. He informed other officers including Officer Cobb that the suspect was entering the right apartment but they were already out of their vehicles and did not hear his message. Officer Cobb and others knocked on the door of the left apartment and announced themselves loudly. Inside the apartment were Hollis King, his girlfriend who leased the apartment and a guest who was smoking marijuana. There was marijuana, cocaine, cash, and other drug paraphernalia in plain sight. The suspected dealer was found in the left apartment. A grand jury charged King with trafficking in marijuana and in a controlled substance. King took a guilty plea to be granted permission to appeal his denied motion to suppress evidence. The case was granted to the U.S. Supreme Court. II. Judgment U.S. Supreme Court won/Plaintiff prevails and ruled against King. Defendant loses. III. Legal Principle A. Issue (Question of Law) Do exigent circumstances justify Fourth amendment exception to warrantless searches? B. Holding (Answer) Yes. IV. Reasoning A. General Analysis This is a case of criminal law. The Fourth constitutional amendment is being reviewed. As mentioned in chapter 5 of the textbook “Criminal law and P
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