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LAW 101
Robert Weiner

Case Brief Business Law 101 1/26/13 Heather Brown Mathias v. Accor Economy Lodging, Inc. (2003) I. Facts The plaintiff’s Burl and Desiree Mathias were bitten by bedbugs during their stay at the Motel 6 in downtown Chicago. They filed a lawsuit against the corporation alleging that the personnel refused to act in response to numerous guest complaints of bedbugs in their rooms. The plaintiff’s sought compensatory and punitive damages for the company’s engaging in reckless or “willful and wanton conduct”. The defendant argued they were not reckless and punitive damages were unwarranted. II. Judgment Ruling in favor of plaintiffs affirmed. Plaintiff prevails. III. Legal Principle A. Issue (Question of Law) Was the company liable for punitive damages? B. Holding (Answer) Yes. IV. Reasoning A. General Analysis Punitive damages are not issued to compensate victims, but to punish the wrongdoer and prevent them as well as others from conducting similar conduct in the future. Their objective is to deter harmful behavior. They are not commonl
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