CAS 100B Effective Group Discussion: Theory and Practice, Chapter 4 Notes: Diversity and the Effects of Culture

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Astronomy and Astrophysics
Adam Perry

CAS 100B Chapter 4: Diversity and the Effects of Culture  Ethnocentric – the belief that one’s own culture is inherently superior to all others; tendency to view other cultures through the viewpoint of one’s own culture  Culture – the patterns of values, beliefs, symbols, norms, procedures, an d behaviors that have been historically transmitted to and are shared by a given group of persons.  Co-culture – a grouping that sees itself as distinct but is also part of a larger grouping  Intracultural communication- interaction between and among individuals from the same culture or co-culture  Intercultural communication- interaction between and among individiuals from different cultures or co-cultures  Individualistic culture- culture in which the needs and wishes of the individual predominate over the needs of the group  Collectivist culture- a culture in which the needs and wishes of the group predominate over the needs of any one individual  Power distance- the degree to which a culture emphasizes status and power difference among members of the culture; status differences are minimized in low power distances cultures and emphasized in high power distance cultures  Uncertainty avoidance- the degree to which members of a culture avoid or embrace uncertainty and ambiguity; cultures high in uncertainty avoidance prefer clear rules for interact
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